How to buy

I do not want the traditional shopping cart and online payment anymore, so I ask you to call me or send me an email, and I ask you to introduce yourselves to explain your personal taste and wine profile that you like best and what aroused curiosity in your choices of my portfolio. So I maintain a closer salesperson / customer relationship and try to understand what they like, even if it is an online purchase. If you are not interested, please send me an email with the full description with the chosen wines, the payment will be made by bank transfer, that is, a valid bank transfer document with the total amount of the purchase to the following NIB: xxxx, with full name and the shipping address, which is carried out by the carrier, if you want an invoice with a taxpayer, I ask you to also include the TIN. thanks for the availability and preference.


Miguel Viana

New Partners

We want to find new business partners, we have resale prices for: Catering, wine cellar, wine bars, if you have a wine business we can be part of it with references from our portfolio in order to work together, thus enhancing our projects, we can help in elaboration of menus as well as wine events, special tastings ect ... get in touch. thank you