Valpaços Sub-Region

Valpaços is the sub-region of Trás-os-Monte that has the largest number of bottling producers and has had a significant increase in recent years due to several factors, one of which is a region with a huge legacy left centuries ago by the Romans or even before these with the largest number of rock mills in the Iberian Peninsula, mills dug in the rock or fraga as great granite stones are known here, the Portuguese Association of Rock Lagres was recently created, which aims to study this legacy and recreate the entire network Roman lagares that had as objective to supply for the great capital and all Roman empire.

Valpaços has several specific and unique micro-climates that, although they share characteristics, have other factors that influence the wine profile, such as: water courses; different altitudes; different solar exposures; own ecosystem; thermal variations; soil typology; different rainfall levels, among others.

Huge thermal amplitudes, altitude and slow maturation are characteristics that can be found throughout the municipality and normally the region of Trás-os-Montes is one of the last regions to be harvested. Which translates grapes with great concentration that make the wine from Trás-os-Montes a robust and gastronomic profile.

The typical gastronomy as well as several quality products in the primary sector such as Olive Oil, Honey, Chestnut, Fruit and derivatives, Dried Fruits, Sausages, the traditional Folar de Valpaços and of course also the Wine makes the Terroir of the region formidable and any winegrower’s dream.


Miguel Viana Vinhos


Miguel Viana Vinhos
Miguel Viana vinhos